the Poacher line thru and convict weedless swimbaits were recently featured on Honey Hole TV!

Gizzard Shad - 7 inch Weedless


The Smash-Tech 7 inch Weedless Gizzard Shad was designed to perfectly mimic the large baitfish that giant bass feed on throughout the country.  With a built in hook slot designed to accommodate a 12/0 Owner Beast Swimbait Hook, incredible detail, and an airbrushed finish, the Weedless Gizzard Shad has tons of versatility.  The Weedless Gizzard Shad can be ordered pre rigged with a custom weighted 12/0 Owner Beast designed for shallow water or without a hook and pair it with your own weighted 3/4 oz Beast hook or Flashy Swimmer for fishing deep points, ledges and road beds.  The Gizzard Shad is designed for a SLOW retrieve to get the absolute best action.