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Jointed Bluegill


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For over three years I've been fishing the prototypes of the Jointed Bluegill and am finally ready to release it.  The action is incredible whether you crawl it slow, burn it, or walk the dog with the floating version.  Tons of thump and lots of movement. This bait is so much fun to fish because of it's stability and action.  The floater can be dead sticked where any little tension on the line causes the bait to slowly swim, waked, or burned.  I've had tons of blowups just letting the bait sit next to cover or when I look down to check my phone and the bait is just lazily floating and swimming.  Another favorite way to fish the floater is to burn three cranks and stop.  They blow up on it on the pause.  With the Sinking version you can retrieve it slowly just under the surface or do short burns and pauses and let it fall back in their face.  

Length  6"

Weight  2.5 oz