S.O.S. Vibe


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Every bait in the Smash-Tech S.A.R. Line of hard baits has been tested to perform to our expectations of what we want in a bait. The lineup will consist of search baits that can rescue your day whether it be a fun day on the water or a big money tournament.  The 1/2 oz S.O.S. Vibe is no exception.  This bait was tested extensively by our own late Stanley Owen Smith who we have decided to name the bait after.  He loved throwing lipless crankbaits and grew very fond of this particular bait so it seems only fitting that we put his initials on it and that it be the first bait in the series to be released.  The S.O.S. Vibe includes hand airbrushed finishes, Mustad KVD short shank treble hooks, and a unique multi ball rattle that has a deeper pitch, setting it apart from other rattle baits.