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Weedless Little Bluegill


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At 4.5", the Smash-Tech Weedless Little Bluegill is the perfect size to match the sunfish that live in lakes and ponds anywhere in the country.  Hand poured and airbrushed with painstaking detail, the Little Bluegill is the picture of realism when trying to match the hatch.  The versatile design lets you rig the Weedless Little Bluegill in a variety of ways for different applications.  Top and bottom hook slots are designed to perfectly accomodate a 6/0 Owner Beast Swimbait hook.  We recommend using the stock weighted version or making your own 1/8 oz version with crimp on weights. The bait is ideal for fishing around grass edges and over submerged grass as well as for bed fishing.  We suggest opening up the gap of the 6/0 Beast hook to where the hook point is slightly sticking out of the back of the top hook slot.  When you get a bite allow the fish to load up on the bait and then set the hook.  Using this slight hook modification and hookset will result in a great hookup ratio when you get bit.  

1 per pack